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Official Google Voice finally available on iPhone

Good news, good news today – The official Google Voice App is available for free on iPhone, so go and get it while it is hot. United States for now, but it comes with the expected goodies – push notifications, voice mail, call / text support, etc.

For some weird reason, there is no support for iPod Touch yet and this is what makes several users angry enough to give the application one star in iTunes.

Roku Media Streamers will get HULU Plus, one month of free service

Roku adds HULU Plus support to their really cheap line of media streamers and, combined with the other big announcement we published (HULU slashing their Hulu Plus monthly price to $7.99 from $9.99) should make it easier to get rid of your cable TV service and switch to a far more slicker (and cheaper) Roku set top box. Currently, if we are talking strictly about online content, Roku media streamers are by far the best (and cheapest) on the market offering access to services like YouTube, Netflix, NASA, Flixster, Vimeo, Amazon Video On Demand , Pandora, MLB.TV, Ultimate Fighting Championship and now of course, HULU Plus.

There are 3 different members in Roku media streamers line and, while all models support the entire line of online streaming services, there are some other variations to justify the price:

  • Roku HD at $69 (wired and wireless network adapters, 720p streaming)
  • Roku XD at $79 (includes upgraded 1080p streaming support
  • Roku XDS at $99 (features a USB port for local streaming (not supported in firmware yet) and dual-channel 802.11n wireless adapter.)

All three models support HDMI and component outputs for the best video quality.

Update: If you order now one the Roku boxes, you will get one month of free Hulu Plus service!

VUDU to arrive on Sony PS3 on November 23rd, also new interface by December

You know, we keep telling you that Sony is becoming a force in the media streamer world and Sony keeps proving us right with every move they are doing. First Hulu Plus, then Netflix without a disk and with one of the best interfaces around and surround sound (read our Sony PS3 Netflix Review) and now, Sony just announced that VUDU is coming on their consoles starting November 23rd.

Impressed? If you only want one box for your media streaming needs, PS3 might just be it and, unlike XBOX 360 you don’t need any extra subscriptions like XBOX Live Gold to access the goodies.

VUDU was not too long ago purchased by Walmart and offers on Demand HD content with 1080p and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound in 5.1 glory. There is no subscription involved, you’ll have to pay per each movie you watch, however the movies will be available for streaming before they go on Netflix.

While on November 23 VUDU for PS3 will come with its old, well known interface, starting in December they’ll release their brand new UI, featuring ratings, recommendations, a layout improvement and PS3 Move controller support.

With this flurry of announcements right around holidays, it is obvious Sony wants to sell as many boxes as they can, and considering the Hulu Plus, Netflix, VUDU, DLNA support plus GAMES and a pretty good list of HD video codecs supported, they might actually have a point! The Sony PS3 160GB is available at Amazon for only $299 (no taxes, free shipping) and at this price they might leave other media streamer boxes in the dust.

Check after the break for additional screenshots of VUDU’s new user interface and full press release.

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Hulu Plus now officially $7.99 for a month

It has been rumored before, but today is official: Hulu lowered their monthly subscription prices for the Hulu Plus service at $7.99 a month level, from $9.99. The discount is lower than the universal hope for $4.99 but there is a certain step in the right direction. After all, Hulu Plus suffered from lack of content issues, especially when compared with their main competitor, Netflix and they also embed commercials beside making you pay for a monthly fee, something that made many potential customers unhappy.

Beside the discount, the company also offers a week of free trial so you can evaluate the service properly and if you are already a subscriber, you’ll get the price difference back.

Meantime, Hulu is working hard to expand Hulu Plus support on as many devices as they can. Recently, they jumped to Sony PS3, and they just announced Roku hardware support as well. Soon, LG, Vizio, and Panasonic devices will also be supported. Check the full press release after the break.

Update: If you buy a Roku box before the end of the year, you’ll also get one month of free Hulu Plus service.

Is that enough to make you subscribe?

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Amazon Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2010 deals links available

Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday links for 2010 just came out and they are as following:

Starting November 22 through November 27, Amazon will publish each day several Black Friday deals. Amazon’s Cyber Monday event will be on November 28-29 and then something called Top Holiday Deals between November 20 – December 23. I’ll make this post sticky for your reference, or you can bookmark the links as well. In my past experience, Amazon had the best Black Friday deals around the web but they sold out very fast.

Black Friday Deals Week
Cyber Monday Deals
Top Holiday Deals:

Electronics Daily Deals starting 11/22 2010

Walmart Black Friday 2010 electronics link also available.