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Deal of the Day – Amazon Video Games Sale – XBOX and PS3

Amazon has currently a bunch of games at very low prices with free shipping (over $25 per order) and no taxes in most of the continental US (4 star games under $20 promotion in Prelude to Black Friday Sale)

Sony PS3 XBOX 360 Wii
Soul Calibur IV – $10 Tekken 6 – $10 Just Dance – $20
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – $13 Soul Calibur IV – $10 We Cheer  – $10
Demon’s Souls – $20 Katamari Forever – $10
Batman: Arkham Asylum – $15 Batman: Arkham Asylum – $15
Assassins Creed II – $20 Assassins Creed II – $20
Super Street Fighter IV – $20 Super Street Fighter IV – $20

Is Apple overdoing this iTunes – Beatle mania?

Yesterday, Apple’s website had a big announcement eating most of the page about how you won’t forget the day of tomorrow. Well, the “exiting” announcement day came and the big news was about the Beatles catalog being available on iTunes. The price? $12.99 one album, or  the entire box set for $149. Excited? I’m certainly not.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am actually a fan of Beatles. What I don’t really get is the whole hubbub generated by Apple which makes Beatles availability on iTunes sound like the best thing since sliced bread. It is not like Beatles fans don’t have their albums for a long time already, in every imaginable format and ripped from CD quite a while ago…It’s not like you can’t find it in every store. We get that Steve Jobs is a huge Beatles fan, but still…Just take a look at Apple’s home page (captured here for posterity).

Or, looking at the whole event in a whole different light, maybe the strategy of shouting louder than everybody else actually does work for Apple and it will convince us to buy all the albums yet again, this time in iTunes flavor, just to get rid of the noise! Read “The tunnel under the world” by Frederik Pohl, a very interesting SciFi short story about the miracles of advertising (free via Project Gutenberg) and you’ll see what I am talking about! Then rush and buy a Feckle Freezer while they are still around 🙂

Nook Color Review – is NookColor better than Kindle or iPad?

1. Introduction

NookColor is Barnes and Noble’s first color reading device and it comes at exactly one year after the release of the original and highly successful Nook eReader, just in time for the holidays. If you do not count the myriads of cheap Android tablets priced around $100-$150 with resistive touchscreen and no UI customization, Nook Color is the first color eReader on the market priced at a reasonable price ($250), less then half the price of iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab and in a form factor better suited for travel.

Positioned as a reader for content beyond regular eBooks, Barnes and Noble is actively advertising it as the device of choice for children books and magazines, where color is important. As eInk color eReaders are not yet on the shelves (real or virtual), LCD devices are the way to go and, beside hugely successful iPad running iOS, the OS of choice for eReaders and small tablets is Android.

2. Nook Color Hardware specifications

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