Archive | November 15, 2010

Latest PS3 firmware jailbreak supported, includes 3.42. 3.50 and higher

In a big news involving the PS3 jailbreak scene, the PS3Jailbreak team disclosed that their jailbreaking method is now compatible with all the recent PS3 firmware starting with 3.42, including 3.50 and apparently is also future proof, claiming to work for any other future firmware version. While this claim, of course will come to test soon enough, we are nevertheless impressed. The USB mod has the same features as any other jailbreaking method, allowing the device to run unsigned (or DRM-less) applications. The unapproved software includes pirated content which, of course Sony will do everything in their power to stop (although similar efforts for their PSP device weren’t terribly successful)

Sony is fighting actively via legal means to shut down the jailbreaking mod providers, but the latest methods are easy to duplicate using cheap USB dongles and their distribution is hard to control.

Beside the combo, the PS3Jailbreak company also provides a PC compatible software kit called PSdowngrade which, combined with the PS3Jailbreak devices can downgrade your PS3 firmware to one of the supported versions.

TiVo Premiere is now free, but subsidized via a $20 monthly fee

Well, folks, you all read about the latest deals popping out all over the web with prices for Tivo Premiere going as low as $99 (and immediately selling them on eBay for $150). Starting today, you can actually have them for free, so be sure not to fall for any “sales” you will see. What’s the catch? TiVo decided to subsidize them via a rather hefty $20 month contract for 2 years, $99 if you want only a 12-months contract. The Premiere XL version is $299 with 12 month contract and while not being extra large, it brings you THX certification. The free devices are no farther than TiVo’s own website, so you don’t really need to shop around.

TiVo premiere is the current TiVo flagship line of HD DVR boxes adding beside DVR services, web clients for Netflix, BlockBuster, Amazon Video on Demand, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Pandora, Rhapsody, Music Choice,  Live 365, Picasa, Photobucket and many more, and, the recently added Hulu Plus.

Big Apple iTunes announcement tomorrow – Beatles

Apple posted big on their homepage that tomorrow will be a day that you’ll never forget…The big announcement is slated for 7:00AM Pacific Time. What can it be? Steve Jobs remotely disabling every iDevice? Free iTunes songs and movies for all? A new 7 inches iPad?

Whatever it is, it should be something big with this kind of expansive announcement…Maybe Apple finally decided to add some applications love to their rather thin in capabilities Apple TV? If its true, I’ll buy one…Time will tell and we’ll be here to announce the news as soon as it comes out. Stay tuned! Meantime, what do you thing the big announcement is all about?

Update: Apparently the big announcement is about Beatles coming to iTunes. Not such an amazing news considering that few people that are Beatles fans don’t already have their albums through other means (ex physical media).