Archive | November 12, 2010

Google Analytics Reports for Windows Phone 7 by Review Horizon

For all the webmasters, I am happy to announce the launch of Review Horizon Analytics application for Windows Phone 7.

The application can be used to retrieve simple, most commonly used reports from Google Analytics like Hourly Visits, Visitor Summary, Bounce Rate, New Visits, Average time on site, Average page views, Traffic Sources, Top Countrie , Top Cities, Top Keywords, Top Landing Pages, Top OS, etc. All the reports will display the first 20 positions.
You can can have an unlimited number of websites per account and you can create reports for today, yesterday, last seven days or choose an arbitrary date range. You can also refresh the reports directly from the results screen at a touch of a button.

The application was already approved and can be found in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace under the Business section for a price of $2 or via this link (only works in Internet Explorer). By my knowledge it is the first application with such functionality in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

Check after the break for additional screenshots.

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PC and Mac ad video shows a PC mocking a MAC for a change

Most people know already that, for some weird reason Macs don’t support Blu-ray movies and the way it looks like, they’ll never will. This is, of course an excellent opportunity for PC fans to mock the Mac fans and there is a new video in town fueling the fanboyism of the first category (considering how many ads were just the opposite way). Watch it and drawn your own conclusions…The video is actually quite good!

Sony Dash gets HULU Plus

Do you remember Sony Dash? It used to make big waves a while ago and then, after some bad reviews concerning its speed and ergonomics, was somewhat dormant and out of the news? Well, it is back again with a vengeance because it can now offer Hulu Plus starting today!

Based on the popular Chumby platform and inheriting over 1000 applications this way, Sony Dash is a small wireless Internet connected device with a 7 inches 800×480 resolution, 500Mhz processor with 32kB I/D L2 cache; 256 MB, 667MHz DDR2 DRAM and doubling as a media streamer and capable to connect to a myriad online services including Pandora, AccuWeather, YouTube, Flickr, Netflix, Slacker, Amazon video on Demand,  and, of course now Hulu Plus (for the standard 9.99 / month). It also doubles as an alarm clock and social network hub showing messages and news from Twitter and Facebook, your e-mail messages from GMail and others, etc. Currently on sale at Amazon for $169.

What is more interesting though, is that apparently this little device has a strong WAF (Wife Approval Factor) because it comes with bundled content from Martha Stewart, like “Dinner Tonight™ Recipe of the Day, video health tips from Dr. Oz and so on :D.