Archive | November 9, 2010

eBooks sales to reach a cool billion dollars in 2010

Yes, it is right…eBooks are no longer a niche reserved to techno-files as US consumers spent / will spend around a billion dollars buying eBooks for this year, and the number is projected to increase yet again to close to 3 billion dollars by 2015 says a recent survey by Forrester group using a sample of 4,000 people. While most of those (93 percent) still like to read the old way (killing trees), the other 7 percent make up the number while reading more.

According to Forrester’s numbers, the standard eBook reader will read about 66% eBooks and the rest in paper format. I expect both numbers to climb, the 7 percent currently using eReaders and the ratio of eBooks / paper books a eReader owner reads. For me, the ratio is close to 100%.

Interestingly enough, dedicated eReaders are at a close second place (32 percent) , most readers preferring to read their eBooks on their notebooks (35 percent) .

The recent drop in eReader prices also contributed to the sales, most devices being around $100 which is the compulsive buying range and the current market leader is Amazon’s Kindle 3 (full review here) with around 70 percent market share. At a distant second comes Barnes and Noble with their Nook (full review here) at around 15-20 percent.

Google Search now on Windows Phone 7

It didn’t take long, did it? Google takes an additional step toward Google everywhere dream and now you can find their Google Search app on competition’s phones, the recently released Windows Phone 7 devices. The application is as expected, free, enables web searching along with images and local news and features Google latest trick, instant search, displaying suggestions as you type. If you want to download it right now, the link is here. (use it from a Windows Phone 7 device)

There is no way currently to replace Bing as the main search engine on the phone, but having it pinned to Start page (and in the top position) should do the trick…And wait for the day when the regulators will force Microsoft to include all search engines and browsers on their phone, in a neat random order waiting for you at startup

E-Ink announces their first color paper display, to be used in Hanvon eReaders

It officially happened: E Ink Holdings came out in a big way announcing their first ePaper eInk e(Color) 😉 display which will actually be used in a eReader.

Based on the Triton Imaging Film (the same technology behind the Pearl eInk screens in Amazon Kindle 3), the new display promises to improve performance with up to 20% and a whooping month battery life (similar with the current Kindle 3, but of course, colorful). Based on e Ink’s projections, the market for anything with ePaper will reach 5 billions dollars in 2016 so there is a lot to gain in being the first on the market.

The first eReaders to include the new color eInk display are coming from Hanvon (see picture) with their 10 inches sized devices (9.68 inches to be exact) which will be launched next March in China for about $440 and will feature Wi-Fi and 3G wireless.
We can, of course only hope that someday a color Kindle based on the same technology will be released in US, ideally under $200. Until then, there is only NOOKcolor