Archive | November 4, 2010

Plex Media Center makes a jailbroken Apple TV way more useful

Let’s face it, if you are a media center enthusiast and like to configure your own stuff, if you have your own collection of ripped movies and music or even if you need a nice interface to play your family movies, Apple TV is not really for you. But now, this might change as jailbraking the tiny box might resurrect a new interest from the more technically inclined.

Plex is certainly a beautiful media center application and, while still in early beta (some might call it alpha version), found its way to to the tiny $99 box make ti suddenly worth more. While not easy to install on Apple TV boxes as it requires terminal access and it only plays videos for now, it certainly works and from here, it can only improve.

The person who managed to provide the goodies is the hacker Quiqueck. plex can be accessed now from Apple TV menu, just like any other client available, and, fortunately, the video codecs that can be played are surpassing by far the meager list supported originally by Apple. Check the video after the break. Read More…