Archive | November 2, 2010

XBOX 360 2010 holiday bundle announced

Microsoft’s Major Nelson just announced the XBOX 360 Holiday Bundle for 2010, scheduled to ship in the next couple of weeks to various retailers.

The bundle will include a XBOX 360 250GB Console, Forza 3 game and a token for the full Alan Wake game to be downloaded from XBOX Live.

This bundle will sell for $299 along the other two XBOX 360 Kinect bundles, the 4GB bundle for $299 and the 250GB bundle for $399, both Kinect bundles to include a Kinect sensor and the Kinect Adventures game.

If you plan to buy a Kinect at some point, it is probably a good ideea to get one of the Kinect bundles as you’ll get the Kinect sensor for only $100 and the Kinect Adventure game.

Apple’s iPad to have 95 percent of the tablet market

Conform with a new study published by Strategy Analytics, Apple has a staggering lead on the tablet market selling 95% of the total of 4.4 millions tablets sold this year. At a very distant second comes Android with its multiple devices and Windows tablets are somewhere in the fog, still finding their way.

This is spelling a big trouble for the competition, especially because once an eco-system is build and applications are available for basically every user need, it is almost impossible to overcome. While there is some hope for the upcoming Android tablets as Samsung Galaxy Tab and maybe even the upcoming NOOKcolor especially considering its $249 price), we can’t stop but wonder what if Microsoft has any plans, knowing that it was them that pushed the TabletPC concept all this time.

Maybe they should just hire some marketing power from Apple? Let’s not forget that Microsoft recently killed the Courier concept, the only device that in my opinion could have been an iPad killer for real.

Amazon Disc+ On Demand upgrades its offering with over 10,000 new titles

In a continued effort to best their competition, Amazon just upgraded its Disc+ On Demand services adding over 10,000 new titles.

Beside regular streaming, one feature none of the competition has yet is the availability of a title for streaming if you bough it as DVD or Blu-ray via Amazon (and the title qualifies as part of the program).

Currently, Amazon Video-on-Demand streaming system is available on over 200 media streamers boxes, connected TVs,  Blu-ray players and portable devices including the new Google TV and Roku devices.

Check here for the full list of devices currently providing Amazon on Demand streaming which currently have access to Amazon’s huge library containing over 75,000 movies and TV shows streaming in HD and commercial free.

Apple iOS 4.2 out for developers

iOS 4.2 just got seeded to the developers so it will soon be available for your iDevice. Among the most important features that iOS 4.2 will bring you can find the following:

  • AirPrint – wireless printing, initially to some compatible HP printers
  • Enhanced parental control for those of you who give iPhones to your children
  • Like / Dislike capability for YouTube
  • iPad gets multitasking, Game Center, Folders, threaded e-mails and advertisement support in applications
  • closes the security hole that you could use to bypass iPhone’s lock screen from emergency call