Zune HD gets Live Messenger and games, all free

Nobody knows exactly the future of Zune HD, but with the upcoming Windows Phone 7, it might be well forgotten. If anything, Microsoft has a way of killing products that don’t sell in millions, and the ill fated Kin family is just one of the latest examples.

However, Microsoft just did a nice gesture and released the biggest Zune HD applications update in several months: Windows Live Messenger and three games: Castles & Cannons, WordMonger and Dr. Optics. Zune HD Windows Live Messenger joins to several other social applications already supported by Zune HD like Facebook, Flickr and MySpace. Not a bad collection but we already know Microsoft used Zune platform to test the market for their particular user interface, so Zune hardware won’t be part of the company’s plans for long, at least not in the current incarnation.

Zune HD Windows Live Messenger also integrates with FaceBook (we know Microsoft has a financial interest in Facebook and also owns about 1.6% they bough for $240 millions back in 2007). The FaceBook integration lets users check for photos, videos, status updates, etc. Zune HD Messenger also can connect to MySpace and Flickr as well. The only questions is: Anybody still uses Live Messenger? I used to use it but all my friends moved to Skype or Yahoo so I did not have too much of a choice.

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