Zune 4.7 software released, available for download

The latest version of Zune PC Client (4.7) is now out in the wild, available for download. Its launch coincides with the launch of Windows Phone 7 and it is the Microsoft equivalent of Apple iTunes. The most important new features are of course, support for the new Windows Phone 7 handsets (and also available are apps for Windows Phone 7) and HD video streaming.

You can download the new Zune version here. If you are an existing user, you’ll be prompted to update next time you’ll start the application.

The new version will keep compatibility with all Zune devices including Zune HD and offers access to Zune Pass, movies, TV shows, etc. Just like the Zune client from XBOX 360, Zune 4.7 can start HD streams instantly using a Microsoft proprietary technology.

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