Netflix goes native on Wii

As we announced, today PS3 gets native Netflix in a software update that will make the streaming disks unnecessary, however, they are not the only ones. In a nice surprise, Wii also gets this treatment and, with the help of a new download available in the Wii Shop Channel, happy Wii owners will be able to get some Netflix goodness, of course if they also get a subscription. Plans are available both in US and Canada for under $10 a month for unlimited streaming.

What is interesting about this is that native Netflix coming on Wii was absolutely unexpected, in stark contrast with PS3 announcements and demos available all over the web. Now that both PS3 and Wii have native Netflix available,  it would be interesting to know if Microsoft intends to drop the feature from Live Gold and make it available for every XBOX 360 owner, in order to stay competitive. Time will tell, but we certainly wish for it.

Universal availability of native Netflix on all of the three modern consoles poses a high threat for dedicated media streamers as Roku boxes and forces the latter ones to innovate and continue to add services in order to stay relevant.

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