Kindle eBooks outsold all paper books last month

There is no denying folks, the eBooks vs paper books ended and the eBooks won! Based on Amazon’s sales, last month was the first time when eBook sales and in particular the one on the Kindle platform outsold all the paper books combined (paperbacks and hardcovers). It is obviously a huge news, especially since Kindle books were outselling hardcovers already in July.

A big help, we are sure, came from the lowered prices of the Kindle eReaders line including the newly launched Kindle 3 selling for as low as $139, close to impulse buying category.While bragging about the record sales, Amazon still doesn’t disclose how many books / eReaders they actually sold (some say due to the negative comparison against Apple iPad numbers sold in the same period 😉 ).

The latest Kindle 3 generation is slimmer, lighter and features a much improved battery life (see our full hands-on review) and starting soon, it will also offer a book lending capability, for up to 14 days at a time.

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