HULU Plus to cut prices, is your media streamer ready?

Let’s face it, we all knew that HULU Plus price was really high at $9.95, especially considering how much you would get from Netflix at the same price and apparently  HULU figured it out  – the price is the cause of the lackluster performance or at least the high price combined with low quality content. As a result, the company is considering a 50% price drop to a low $4.95 / month in the hopes the service adoption will jump-start.

The HULU Plus is currently available on the iPad, XBOX 360 and Sony PS3 which is impressive, but Netflix is currently available on a much larger number of devices including most modern Blu-ray players, connected TV sets, cheap set top boxes as WD TV Live Plus, iPhone and the recently launched Google TV. At $8.99, Netflix also provides significantly more content and no commercials. HULU is making you pay a monthly fee AND is forcing you to watch commercials.

What is your opinion? What would it take to make get a HULU subscription?

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  • Suzanne

    Well, being able to access Hulu on the devices I already have would be nice. My LG DVD player gets me Netflix, Vudu, You Tube and bunch more video providers. I’m considering Google TV as well. But I’m not going to buy a particular box just to accomodate one provider. Unless Hulu is willing to accomodate more hardware, I’ll skip it.