Google TV media streamers is now officially PlayOn compatible – How to use it

If you remember in out in-depth Google TV review, PlayOn support was a hit and miss, with many users reporting that it doesn’t work properly. Well, now thanks to some PlayOn tweaks in their latest version, Google TV is able to play nice with PlayOn software, although there are some issues left. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Go to PlayOn website and download their latest release (version 3.0.28 or higher)

Step 2: Navigate from your browser / search in your search box  for (that is the page that should discover your PlayOn server), bookmark it

Step 3: Once PlayOn UI is available on your TV, choose whatever you want to play.

Per PlayOn comments, there are some issues controlling the playback: back button from the keyboard works but the play / pause don’t so you’ll need to use on screen navigation to perform the actual commands.

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