Galaxy Tab on sale at Verizon for $599 starting Nov 11th

We got all sorts of price ranges from Europe but nothing for good old USA so it is understandable that we were waiting to see when, where and how much. Today, Verizon Wireless dropped the bomb and announced that it will start selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $599 on November 11th. Unfortunately there is no discount if you buy a data plan so you might try a combination like smart phone – Galaxy tab or just wait for things to change. Verizon currently offers 1GB / month for $20 which might or might not be enough considering that we are talking about a tablet here which will be able to stream movies.
Samsung Galaxy Tab is a 7-inch multi-touch screen device with 1024×600 resolution, full support for Adobe Flash 10.1 (unlike Apple iPad), dual camera (front and back), full 1080p movie player, 1GHz CPU and running Android 2.2. Among the pre-installed  software packages you will be able to find Kindle for Android and Google Maps navigation.

Which format works best for you? The 7-inches Galaxy Tab or the larger Apple iPad?

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