Book lending comes to Amazon Kindle

This is something that Kindle users enjoyed since the beginning – the ability to lend content – books, magazines, newspapers to family and friends. After all, if both me and my wife have readers (which we do, including my 7 years old son) there is no reason not to be able to enjoy the same book without paying multiple times for it or stealing our eReaders from each other. After all, I prefer Kindle and my significant half prefers Nook.

Well, wait no more, sometime until the end of this year, Amazon intends to bring lending feature to their Kindle eReaders as well, for a 14-day period. As with a physical book, once you lend a book , you won’t be able to enjoy it until you get it back. Unfortunately, and here the content provider is king, not every ebook will come with the lending feature enabled, the publisher will decide which books you can lend and which are chained to your Kindle. Somehow we don’t remember any physical book to come with this feature (or lack of)  but what do you know—the advantages of Digital Age ;).

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