Amazon Kindle 3 will start selling in Staples stores on Sunday

Today Staples announced it will start selling the entire family of Amazon Kindle including Kindle 3 and Kindle DX. The small Kindle will make its entrance in the stores this Sunday while its larger 9.7″ brother will surface sometime next months. The prices will be similar with the ones in Amazon’s own store – $139 for Kindle 3 WiFi, $189 for WiFi and 3G version, $379 for the Kindle DX. It is not expected that Staples will make too much money from the eReader units themselves but we all know how overpriced those accessories are. In my opinion, it doesn’t make too much sense to buy them from brick and mortar stores (unless you have some coupons) since you’ll have to deal with local taxes.

In the meantime, if you want to see how Kindle compares with Nook and Pandigital Novel 7, take a look at our Kindle 3 in-depth review.

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