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Yahoo Messenger 2.0 for iPhone 4 released, first to allow video calling over 3G

Well, someone had to do it first, right? And it wasn’t Skype so it had to be Yahoo! Their latest Yahoo Messenger version 2.0 for iOS devices  is available for free in the Apple App Store and it allows free video conference over 3G using either of iPhone 4 two cameras (with instant switching). The new version also offers international calling from your iPhone via 3G networks. The video calls work both between two iPhones or between an iPhone and your PC. The quality is reasonable but the reliability is not where I would like it to be. Maybe version 2.0.1 😉

Based on the initial reports, Yahoo Messenger 2.0 for iOS doesn’t work with the MAC client which wasn’t updated in quite a while, only with the more popular PC version. This version also supports background call and multi-tasking.

As today’s release proved, there is no technical impediment to have video over 3G and we can’t help but wonder why not yet a Skype or FaceTime version?

How to jailbreak your iPhone 4 / iPhone 3GS, iPOD Touch 4G / 3G and iPad using limera1n

Boy oh boy, it just raining with methods to jailbreak your iDevice today, isn’t it? We just posted how to jailbreak using greenp0ison and now, for your jailbreaking pleasure will detail the process using limera1n, a jailbreak tool developed by Geohot. limera1n will successfully jailbreak the iOS versions 4.0, 4.0.2 and 4.1 and features a rather spartan interface with a single button: “make it ra1n”.

The application is available only for the Windows platform at this point with a MAC version to follow soon. Let’s see how it works in detail:

Step 1: Download limera1n from here.

Step 2: Put your iDevice in DFU mode. For instructions in how to do it, read this article (step 7 in particular).

Step 3: Push “make it ra1n” button and let it work its magic.

Step 4: Reboot when it is done

Step 5: Enjoy your jailbroken device

It is interesting to note that limera1n and greenpois0n are using two different jailbreaking methods and Apple is certainly not happy with iOS security flaws.

How to jailbreak your iPhone 4 and iOS 4.1 using greenpoison

The Chronic Dev Team just released the RC3 (Release Candidate) of Greenpois0n, a jailbreaking tool destined to work with iPhone 3GS, iTouch 3G, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and iPad combined with Apple’s latest iOS 4.1. Interestingly enough, as soon as it was released, it was also taken down and their website is down as well. Fortunately, we managed to get a copy so you can download it from here.

Currently, the application is only available for Windows platform with the MAC version to follow soon.

Please don’t link to the download directly as we will change the download link depending  on the traffic. If you want to link, link to this article.

Step 0: Be sure your device is supported and it runs iOS 4.1 Read More…

Amazon announces Kindle Singles – for the generation of instant gratification

With the internet around and blogs announcing news in a spartan manner (this one making no exception) the new generation just doesn’t have the patience (and/or capability) to read a book like we used to…meaning from cover to cover over roughly 500 pages or more. Now when we don’t consume TV shows dumbed down to the audience, we want short books, short enough so we don’t become bored with Balzacian descriptions or psychological analysis a la Joesph Conrad.

It’s an unfortunate state but obviously the publishers have to adapt so Amazon is announcing Amazon Singles, books twice the size of a Ney Yorker feature article but only a fraction of Dumas’ The Three Musketeers for example and ideally suited for eReaders as the recently released Kindle 3.

“Ideas and the words to deliver them should be crafted to their natural length, not to an artificial marketing length that justifies a particular price or a certain format,” said Jeff Ament, Vice President, Kindle Content announcing a call to arms to the writers, scientists, publishers to start producing this type of books, also at a fraction of price. Read the full press release after the break. Read More…