Archive | October 8, 2010

How-To jailbreak iPhone 3G iOS 4.1 using redsn0w for Windows

As we just announced, iPhone Dev-Team just released their redsn0w Windows version designed to jailbreak iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G devices running iOS 4.1. We download it, installed it and here is how to used it:

1. Download redsn0w for Windows from here.

2. Unzip it, install it.

3. Start  redsnow.exe you just downloaded. Click on the Browse button to navigate to C:\Users\Your user name here\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates and select your 4.1 IPSW file. Read More…

Deal of the Day – SanDisk 32GB microSDHC for sale $89

Today’s deal is the SanDisk 32GB microSDHC which is for sale at Amazon for the very low price of $89 with no taxes and free shipping. It is the first time that we know of when prices for such a large microSDHC card dropped below $100. Speed wise, it is not the fastest kid on the block, with only a class 2 rating but it should be fast enough for music players, taking photos and other such trivial tasks.

iPhone Dev-Team’s redsn0w Windows version to jailbreak iOS 4.1 finally available

Well, after a long wait to sort out technical issues, Dev-Team released the Windows version of their redsn0w Beta version 0.9.6b1, a tool to jailbreak the recently released iOS 4.1. redsn0w should cover iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G devices for now with a different type of jailbreak method expected to be released later for generation 4 devices.

The redsn0w jailbreaking tool Windows version also comes out with a warning: If you see “Waiting for reboot” message for longer than 20 seconds, just unplug / plug again the USB cable without closing the application. Also, a USB port that connects directly in the motherboard is recommended, instead of using a hub. We’ll perform the jailbreaking process on a iPhone 3G and document the experience in an upcoming article.

If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone yet, not it  is a good time. iOS 4.1 solves some of the speed complaints widely reported when using iphone 3G and iOS 4.0 to iOS 4.0.2. Right now, as expected, Dev-Team’s website is heavily hit by downloaders, but it should get better during the day.

Read more at Dev-Team Blog.