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Logitech Revue available for pre-order at Amazon

As you know Google TV was officially launched today and is available as a set top box / media streamer devices from Logitech. Among the main features is the capability to connect between your cable / satellite box and TV so you can use apps, launch searches and socialize while watching TV. Logitech revue also supports . For more information, visit our detailed coverage.

Logitech review will support living room video conferencing on your TV via an optional camera, comes with web clients for CNBC, Photo Gallery, Chrome, HD camera, Napster, NBA Game Time, Netflix,  Pandora and podcasts and, very important, supports the following codecs:

  • Music: AAC (.aac), FLAC (.flac), MP3 (.mp3), OGG (.ogg),WMA (.wma)
  • Photos: JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), BMP (.bmp) PNG (.png), TIFF (.tiff)
  • Videos: WMV (VC-1) (.asf .wma .wmv), WMV (VC-1) + WMA (.asf .wma .wmv), WMV + WMA (.avi), Xvid (H-264) + AAC (.avi),
    Xvid (H-264) + AAC (.mp4), Xvid (H-264) + AAC (.mt2s .mt2), Xvid (MPEG4part2) + AAC (.avi), Xvid (MPEG4part2) + MP3 (.avi)

Starting today, Logitech Revue us available from Amazon with no taxes and free shipping in most of the US.

Cisco ūmi HD Home Video Calling System announced

Cisco just announced a video-conference system for home use called ūmi featuring 1080p video calling using your TV. Beside other ūmi system another supported system is Google Video Chat (Why not Skype???).

The system package contains the set top box, a remote control and a zoom and pan capable camera with a motorized shutter and it needs broadband to work properly. The connection is done via a HDMI output (do you have any more of those available?).

As much as we all want 1080p video conference from our coach, here comes a big problem: Price is $599 for the box and $25/month subscription. Outrageous for a family oriented device. Maybe Google will implement video conferencing in their upcoming Google TV boxes and kick Cisco out of this market. Based on this price, they deserve it.

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Native Netflix streaming comes to PS3 by the end of October

Well, everybody expected (and eagerly waited) for this: Sometime by the end of this months we’ll be able to throw away our Netflix streaming disks for PS3 because native PS3 Netflix streaming is coming!!!!! No date was provided but we can wait one more month, can we? And if the new interface will somewhat resemble Windows Media Center or XBOX 360 Netflix interface will even throw a party.

Google TV launches today via Logitech Revue

Today is a very important day that might define the future of television. We already announced the new Google TV Website but today we get to see the first devices supporting Google TV  a standalone box called Logitech Revue that will connect between your existing set top box and your TV and display its data as an overlay over the existing TV image enabling real time searches while you watch a TV Show. The Logitech Revue boxes will run a new Android OS optimized for large screens and, more important, starting early next year it will also support applications from Android Marketplace. The initial price will be considerably higher than Apple TV ($300 vs $100) it will offer more content and also Adobe Flash 10.1. This way we can expect a lot more applications (and games) in the following months and put the final nail in the Yahoo! TV Widgets coffin which never took off (We had foreseen that 😉 )

Google TV will come pre-loaded with apps like Netflix, Twitter, CNBC, Pandora, Napster, NBA Game Time, Amazon Video On Demand and many other so in terms of pure content it beats most media streamers boxes available on the market. Apps to remote-control the box will be available on iOS and Android OS devices. Most important for some, it includes a DLNA client and attached hard drives (and it can search there as well) and supports MKV files. No HULU yet (they are blocking the box) but Google and HULU are in discussion, so we might see some agreements soon.

Google TV Logitech Revue Highlights:

  • Dish Network’s subscribers will get a much better price at $179 which is well worth it since the box will have deep integration with Dish Network Guide and DVR boxes – can search the recordings from your DVR for example
  • Logitech Revue also uses Logitech’s universal remote control technology to manage various components in your entertainment system send IR signals
  • really neat RF Keyboard
  • HD camera for video conference (Die overpriced Cisco umi, die!) capable of 720p. You will need to buy a separate camera as it won’t come in the box and it uses Logitech’s Vid HD Service. Skype (and others0 computability can presumably come via 3rd party apps later through the Android marketplace. Neat!!! The camera has autofocus Carl Zeiss lens and microphones adapted to be used in the living room
  • You can use existing Harmony remotes for the box as well (that goes without saying)
  • a new Logitech Mini Controller, (customized from a DiNovo Mini). I wonder if I can use mine as  my Dinovo Mini or we need to buy a new one…
  • Voice search via your smart phone
  • launch day apps include CNBC, Photo Gallery, Chrome, HD camera, Napster, NBA Game Time, Netflix,  Pandora, Podcast
  • Netflix interface is rather old, it just displays the queue, no categories. Uhhhhh 🙁
  • Logitech Media Player – DLNA client – and indexes DLNA feeds and locally connected drives, and it also supports MKV files!!!
  • The Revue box costs  $299 ($179 via Dish Network) including keyboard
  • Keyboard by itself costs $99
  • DiNovo style mini keyboard costs $129
  • HD TV camera costs $149 (everything pretty steep but that’s Logitech prices for you). All in all, cheaper than Cisco’s solution and no monthly fee.
  • Available for pre-order at Amazon sometime today, will ship by end of October

Logitech Revue supported media formats and audio/video codecs:

  • Music: AAC (.aac), FLAC (.flac), MP3 (.mp3), OGG (.ogg),WMA (.wma)
  • Photos: JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), BMP (.bmp) PNG (.png), TIFF (.tiff)
  • Videos: WMV (VC-1) (.asf .wma .wmv), WMV (VC-1) + WMA (.asf .wma .wmv), WMV + WMA (.avi), Xvid (H-264) + AAC (.avi),
    Xvid (H-264) + AAC (.mp4), Xvid (H-264) + AAC (.mt2s .mt2), Xvid (MPEG4part2) + AAC (.avi), Xvid (MPEG4part2) + MP3 (.avi)

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How to fix Netflix error n8156-6013 on Windows Vista/7 x64

I have several ways to watch Netflix, mostly via dedicated media streamers as WD TV Live Plus but the Netflix interface in Windows Media Center for Windows 7 is second to none. I started to miss it and today I wanted to play with it again. However, I had a nasty surprise: While I was perfectly able to browse Netflix queue / categories, I couldn’t play any movie. Instead, the following error message was displayed in Netflix for Windows Media Center:

“An Internet or home network connection problem is preventing playback. Please check your Internet connection and try again.” with an error code n8156-6013.

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