Archive | October 4, 2010

Microsoft Windows 7 Family Pack – 3 licenses for $129

Probably the best deal for today (and not only) is the Microsoft Windows 7 Family Pack coming back for only $150 and covering licenses for three computers. Even better, Amazon has it for only $129 which is a really good deal considering that you get three Windows 7 licenses. The version that you’ll get is Home Premium that also includes Windows Media Center for the HTPC aficionados.

Microsoft also said the offer will be available for limited time, “while supplies last”. We are not sure what that means from the company that actually makes the product, but it probably means they just plan to sell a limited number of copies at this price for business reasons.

Windows Phone 7 Event on October 11 by Microsoft and At&T

We know Verizon won’t support Windows Phone 7 at launch or in the near future and we haven’t heard anything from Sprint either. However, AT&T & Microsoft announced a joint event on October 11, to launch Windows Phone 7. Do you think this smells like AT&T exclusivity for Windows Phone 7 (at least short term)? Is iPhone story repeating itself again? We’ll soon find out from the top big guys: Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega.

We do know that T-Mobile will ship WP7 phones, we just don’t know exactly when!

Google TV website launched

Google just launched its website dedicated to the upcoming Google TV. Give it a test and see if you like it. The Google TV website underlines the main features of the upcoming Google TV set top box: Google Chrome browser supporting Adobe Flash 10.1. A lot of applications supported including Netflix, Twitter, CNBC, Pandora, Napster, NBA Game Time and Amazon Video On Demand, and, most important news: starting soon (early next year)  apps from Android Market will be compatible with Google TV as well  – isn’t that nice??? I wonder if we’ll be able at some point to stream video from network shares around the house or maybe a DLNA client?

Google TV will also be able to be remotely controlled by applications available on iPhone or Android devices and can be inserted between your cable / satellite box and TV overlying its own image over the default TV programs so you can watch TV and do Web surfing at the same time. Google TV will be launched from several partners including Logitech (Oct 6th) and Sony(Oct 12th) but the initial price will be quite high considering the premium category the above mentioned companies are placing their products. However, being able to use Android Market apps on your TV might very well worth it. And since Google owns YouTube, you can certainly expect a first class implementation in full HD splendor.

Check here soon for a review.