What is wrong with Verizon? They don’t plan to sell any Windows Phone 7 devices in the near future

In a recent Bloomberg interview with Verizon’s Brenda Raney, we find out that Verizon doesn’t have any imminent plans to sell Windows Phone 7 based devices. Maybe for 2011. hearing this, we can’t stop to remember that they seem to have no imminent plans to carry iPhone handsets either and it makes us wonder if there is something wrong with their planning department, or they just have a sadistic tendency to sell only unpopular handsets as the recently dead Kin. We do know though that Verizon just loves to heavily customize (read – install their crap) the handsets they sell and maybe this is what was driving away Apple and Microsoft.

Whatever their motivation, the latest news won’t increase Verizon’t appeal among consumers, but there is always next year.

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