TIVO Premiere DVR gets Pandora radio

Following the current trend of packing your DVR / media streamer boxes with as many WEB clients as possible (and we love it), Pandora radio finds its way to yet another box and this time is the TIVO Premiere DVR. On TIVO, you will find Pandora’s standard set of features including the capability to create a new account right from the TIVO box or sign in with your existing account and accessing your favorite Pandora stations regardless of where you created them, whether it was on your smartphone, PC or any other of the myriad of media streaming boxes available around (some of which we also reviewed – see Western Digital’s WD TV Live Plus). Pandora client joins TIVO Premiere DVR other clients as Rhapsody, Live365 and Music Choice. Other streaming clients available on TIVO Premiere include Netflix, BlockBuster, and YouTube.

Tivo is recently showing a trend of loosing customers, to the number of 125,000 in the three months period ending July 31, customers that are opting instead for dumber but often free DVR boxes provided by their cable or satellite provider and the company is trying to make their boxes more appealing by integrating additional services. But with the increased availability of dedicated media streaming boxes available for a one time fee (usually around $100) and often including more services than TIVO’s own devices, it might be a lost battle already.

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