Sony releases a new touchscreen eBook Readers line (PRS-350, PRS-650, PRS-950)

Today Sony released their new eBook Readers line, all of them sporting touch capability and the new eInk display with improved contrast and speed. All of them have the same 2GB memory but unlike Amazon’s Kindle, they also feature a SD card / Memory Stick slot if carrying 2,000 books at a time is not enough for you. The best (and most expensive) in the newly released series is the Daily Edition PRS-950 which beside a larger 7″ screen also features 3G and WiFi connectivity. The next one in terms of price / performance comes the Touch Edition (PRS-650) for $229 with a 6″ eInk display and the cheapest one is the 5-inch PRS-350 Pocket Edition for $179 although at this size you better use your smartphone.  All the devices allow you to take notes directly on the screen using the included stylus. Now, I can see the more expensive Daily Edition model being sold as a luxury item and I have to admit I would like one myself, even if only for the 7″ eInk screen, but who in the world would pay that much for the non 3G non WiFi lesser models which are far more expensive than the Amazon’s Kindle 3 – review here (3G, WiFi, 4GB memory) without really justifying their price? Sony being Sony however, still doesn’t get the market and, especially during recession times, the market is driven by cost…of course, if you want to position yourself as a luxury provider, you can do that as well, but forget about selling millions in this case.

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  • Mac

    Was waiting for the Sony but the wait is over.
    There is no way I`ll pay those prices when I can get a Kindle for $139.
    I`ll be ordering a Kindle for Christmas.
    If I want to access Library books I`ll just wait till the Kobo drops to $50 or less(Are you listening Kobo?)and buy that for Library Books only.

    I think Sony better rethink those prices.
    That 650 would have to be less than $139 to even consider it.
    I want to download and read books not play around with a touch screen.

  • GJC

    I would disagree with Mac… The Kindle will not let me use the books I have already bought form other sources. I will save about $100 in the reader and pay out 2 or 3x that to buy the Kindle edition… if they even exist! Most of my books are PDFs from the publishers and there is no Kindle version. Also, with the Kindle, I am stuck at the memory Amazon has set me. Why should I carry around extra readers because Amazon controls the size and content of my ereader???

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on this and have decided that, until the Kindle allows me to add memory and my own PDF/ePubs, the Kindle is just not an option!

  • JEB

    I would alos disagree. I own a Kindle 1 and a Sony PRS900. I love the kinky little rollerball thingy on the Kindle 1. But, I can read multiple formats on the PRS, and it has a metal case and expansion slots if I ever need more memory (why, I can’t imagine). Until Amazon opens its azw format or allows multiple formats to be read on their products, I will keep buying epub books and adobe books and read them on my Sony. I will also be one of the first in line for the new PRS950!