PS3 gets a 3D Blu-ray update via version 3.50 firmware now!

Well folks, firmware version 3.50 for your PS3 console is live now and among other things, 3D movie support has arrived. The less important (for some) updates contain Facebook integration for games, so you’ll be able to brag about your high scores on Facebook and be annoying as hell in the process. And for those that are annoying as hell, you can report them via the new Grief Reporting Function in XMB and hopefully have them banned from Playstation Network.

Now, for the bad part, and this concerns audiophiles: While playing back 3D Blu-ray movies, PS3 won’t be able to output high resolution sounds (Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS master). Why? We have no clue but that’s the way it is. Maybe in an upcoming firmware release, or maybe never if the HDMI interface doesn’t support it.

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