Microsoft UK Xbox Chief says Blu-ray will die soon

This may or may not be sour grapes taste from Microsoft’s side considering that not too long ago they backed the wrong horse with HD DVD format and lost, but we are sure there is an ounce of truth in the statement. UK Xbox chief, Stephen McGill stated recently that  “People now recognize what a smart decision it was to keep the Xbox 360 pricing low,” because they did not include a premium (at that time) disk format in their console at launch. His main arguments are the proliferation of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, VUDU, etc that soon will make owning physical disks a thing of the past. While in theory we tend to agree with him, let’s not forget that there are certain impediments to completely killing the physical supports:

  • Some idiotic Internet Service Providers in the year of grace 2010 still cook up plans to cap the bandwidth and  download to ridiculously low levels without paying attentions that the usage is changing around them
  • Most streaming services still don’t support 1080p surround sound streaming (Netflix is an obvious example)
  • People just like to own things (and give them to their relatives and friends once in a while)

All the three counter-arguments will change in time, even the last one since the current generation takes media streamer boxes for granted and are born in the Netflix / YouTube era. Devices as Boxee Box, WD TV Live HD or Apple TV are already here, are cheap and are working well. And, because we live in an era of instant gratification, streaming will just feel more natural than driving to the local store or even waiting until the next day to get our red Netflix envelope in the mail.

Are you ready to stop using disks in the favor of movie streaming services? Let us know your thoughts!

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  • MrBiG

    I already have left discs in the dust, physical media is dead.