Kindle 3 firmware update 3.0.1 is out

If you already read our Kindle 3 review, you probably noticed that we complained about some stability issues in the 3.0 firmware. Amazon felt it was needed to address some of them quickly and released a firmware update, currently at the version 3.0.1. They are pretty vague about what exactly is included, aside from the ability to create a new account from the device and some additional performance improvements. The update is not yet available via 3G but you can download it here and apply it manually.

Kindle 3 firmware update steps:

1. Download the new firmware using your PC (they have 3 versions, WiFi only, Wifi + 3G US and Canada, WiFi + 3G Europe). Be sure to download the firmware for your device

2. Connect your Kindle via USB to your PC and copy the firmware file into Kindle’s root directory

3. After the file is copied, disconnect the Kindle from the USB connection

4. Navigate to the Home screen, press  Menu key, select “Settings.” Press Menu again, select “Update Your Kindle.Press OK

5. After your upgrade process is complete, you should have firmware version 3.0.1 installed. Let us know if you notice any improvements.

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