iPad will start selling at Target October 3rd

In an effort to sell even more millions units, and following their recent deal with BestBuy, Apple signs a deal with Target stores to sell their wonder device starting October 3rd. What is even better is that iPad is also covered under Target’s 5 percent discount (that is, if you have a Target card, of course).

The discount deal for the card itself will be available starting October 17th, just in time for the holidays. Target will sell all iPad models available in both 3G and WiFi only versions and it will become the largest department store network to sell the iPad. The lowest priced iPad available will cost you $499 (plus local tax, of course).

Meantime, we are still waiting for the device to be sold on Amazon by Amazon and skip those pesky taxes, since right right is only available from 3rd parties, and with somewhat of a price premium added.

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