Google TV to arrive end of this month from Logitech, Dish Network

According with several pictures released by Engadget, Google TV will launch on September 29th and the first box to support it will be Logitech’s Revue. The MSRP price is set to be at $299 however it will be┬ásubsidized by Dish Network (if you are one of their subscribers, of course) at $179. At this price however you will have to pay a monthly $4 DVR integration fee, you will only be able to get one box per account and the box will have to be integrated with an existing HD Duo DVR system.

In terms of hardware, Logitech Revue features dual USB ports, WiFi and Ethernet ports, HDMI and SPDIF ports. New for set top boxes is that the box will be connected between your DVR and your TV and will display an overlay over an existing image, integrating both your DVR video and its own video. Among the web clients available at launch we can find Netflix, Pandora,YouTube, Logitech Vid HD. For everything else a Chrome browser will be included. A keyboard will also be available to make web surfing / searching easier. We’ll post a full Logitech Revue review when we get ours.

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  • Joe L.

    Hi Joe here and as a DISH Network employee, the features surpassed all of my expectations. It is very simple to set up and it combines the ability to watch TV with DISH and browse the internet. It’s my favorite gadget right now. I would highly recommend that customers give it a try because you definitely won’t be disappointed!