Dell to launch a second Android Tablet, 7″ size

Today during Oracle OpenWorld event in San Francisco, Dell’s CEO Michael Dell announced a new Android tablet device to join their Android Streak that started shipping not too long ago. Streak sells for $299 with AT&T contract or $599 without. The new tablet will have a 7″ screen but no other details were mentioned, such as price or shipping date.

The newly announced tablet will be most likely positioned against Apple’s iPad that sold in huge numbers (more than 3.3 million to date). Let’s just hope the Android market won’t become too fragmented due to large number of devices available and make developers loose interesting in creating software apps for the device. After all, while hardware wise Apple’s iPad is nothing to write home about (heavy, no cameras, etc) and what makes it so desirable is the software eco-system.

The tablet market is getting increasingly crowded with many manufactures as Samsung, Archos, Hewlett-Packard (and maybe even Amazon, you never know) started or will start delivering similar devices in the near future.

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