Apple September 2010 Product Announcement Press Event Updates

  • Steve opened the conference by bragging about their new stores opened in Frace (Paris), China (Shanghai) and London (Covent Garden). Really beautiful, I have to admit. They have stores in 10 different countries with Spain being the 11th one.
  • iOS 4.1 is launched today, will come live next week – contains bug fixes (Bluetooth, proximity sensor, etc),  support for HDR (High Dynamic Range photos) and HD video uploads via WiFi
  • Game Center API arrives as well, as part of iOS 4.1, enables multi-player games
  • A new game, still in development called “Project Sword” rendered in real time – no chance it’ll work on iPhone 3G/3GS
  • iPad gets wireless printing and other goodies as part of iOS 4.2 (due later in the year and meant mainly for iPad)
  • iOS 4.2 coming out in November, brings multi-thread, multi-task to iPad, also folder structure similar with the iPhone one
  • you’ll be able to stream all kind of media  (music, photos, videos over WiFi to your iPad)
  • new iPods announced (over 275 millions sold to date)
  • new iPod Shuffle, 15 hours battery life, 5 colors, $49 price
  • new iPod Nano, a multi-touch square, 24 hours battery life and running iOS!!! Surprise!!! this is the new iPod touch? $149 8GB,  $179 the 16GB version
  • the new iPod Touch – as expected, features retina display, Apple A4 CPU, 3 axis gyro, iOS 4.1 with Game Center, FaceTime with front camera HD Video Recording – basically an iPhone 4 without the iPhone
  • iPod Touch Prices – 8GB model $229, 32GB for $299, and 64GB for $399 and starts shipping next week. You can pre-order today though
  • iTunes 10 is announced, together with some impressive numbers (12 billion songs, 450 million TV episodes, 100 million movies, and 35 million books). Not bad! and they removed the CD image from the logo, so no more CDs. Good riddance.
  • iTunes 10 introduces Ping, a new social network for music, basically you can buy/listen what your friends are listening and the other way around. Not really impressive in my opinion, but everything have to be social nowadays
  • Steve is demoing Ping, you can preview songs posted by your friends, and of course, BUY them
  • you can download iTunes 10 today
  • APPLE TV is  here!!!
  • Apple TV Specs: built in WiFi 802.11n, HDMI, optical, about 1/4 size of the original unit
  • You can rent but cannot buy movies; Prices: $4.99 first run movies, $0.99 a TV show (not bad). ABC and Fox are the announced partners.
  • will stream both Netflix and Youtube
  • Flickr and MobileMe will offer photo services
  • Nothing that hints abut applications support, was everybody wrong? This way it won’t be more than a glorified WD TV Live Plus
  • iTV supports Photo slideshow from your PC…nothing to write home about
  • you can stream content from an iPad to your TV
  • the price is $99 – as expected
  • available in about 4 weeks but you can pre-order today

Check for pictures after the break.

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