Dish Network’s live this week with cable channels streaming

For us, Dish Network subscribers this week is shaping to be a good week. The company just announced that will be out of beta this week and start streaming cable channels like Syfy, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, MTV, HGTV, etc. Among the DishOnline features is remote DVR scheduling (which was already available through Dish Network’s main website) and the integration of the SlingLoaded devices. One of these SlingLoaded devices is the VIP922 which we reviewed. DishOnline will also be available on iPhone and iPad devices, including streaming and DVR scheduling.

Beside standard network content, DishOnline will also work as a mini-Netflix offering over 5,000 movies including new releases, many in 1080p to be rented on your HD DVR. Check after the break for screenshots.

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  • Mark Hegstrom

    I just signed up for DishOnline and the Blockbuster Pass.
    So far I’m not impressed with Dishonline. The website to find movies is pretty bad, but since it’s new I’ll let that slide. The only movies it lets you watch online are the ones that you already have Dish subscriptions for. (If you have stars you can only get those, but if you dont have HBO you can’t get those). There are a few “general” movies, that are on EPIX, but there aren’t any non pay channel movies available. -Maybe that will change, but I doubt it. So basically you are paying $10/mo to watch movies that you can already watch for free – but on demand.

    As far as the Blockbuster pass, I have the $10 1 disc out at a time plan. I’ve been on the plan for 4 days and they have yet to send out a disc. I like the convenience and ability to take it to a blockbuster and return it for a new movie, but $10 a month is still too much.

    I think waiting an extra 28 days and getting it thru redbox for $1 is still a better deal.

    I’m going to keep it for a couple months to see if the DishOnline movies grows, but I doubt it will – they want you to pay for HBO, Showtime, etc. Also – if those movies aren’t on HBO, Showtime, Stars, etc – you cant watch them online.

    It’s hardly a replacement for Redbox or Netflix.

    ..Just my 2 cents….