Dish Network survey implies $300 price for upcoming Google TV

I just received an e-mail from Dish Network containing a link to an online survey concerning the upcoming Dish network implementation of the Google TV. In the survey, Dish Network is trying to figure it out how much we would pay for the box as a full price or subsidized via a monthly fee. The price that Dish seem to have in mind is around $300 up front, maybe with a Blu-ray player built in as well. They also claim that they will be the only company offering “Advanced Integration” – whatever that means…(maybe integrating their Guide Search as well). In my opinion, in this day and age, a target price of $300 is excessive for a mass adoption and the distribution will be limited to early adopters (like me) that like to have the latest and the greatest. Let’s now forget that currently available on the market are really capable media streaming boxes that offer YouTube, Flickr and even Internet access for less that $120.  I am referring to WD TV Live Plus and Viewsonic VMP 75 (the latter offering an Internet Browser as well). Check out all the survey steps after the break.

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  • Danielle

    I just wanted to provide a little bit of insight on what I think about Google TV and I must say that I actually love it. It is very innovative and the best part about it, is it’s easy. It’s easy to set up and even easier to use. I highly recommend that DISH subscribers try it out! It’s only $179 if you’re a DISH Network subscriber and it comes with a $4 monthly integration fee! They won’t be disappointed and since I actually work at DISH, I have asked customers about it and I haven’t heard any negative criticism!

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