Archive | August 27, 2010

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft goes on a suing spree

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen just filled a patent violation suit against no less than 11 companies, Wall Street Journal reports. The big 11 are Apple and Google, AOL Inc., eBay Inc., Facebook Inc., Netflix Inc., Office Depot Inc., OfficeMax Inc., Staples Inc., Yahoo Inc. and YouTube. Paul Allen owns patents related to optimizing Internet user experience that he claims the companies named in the lawsuit are infringing. We cannot stop noticing that Paul did not sue Microsoft (presumably because he still owns a big chunk of the company) and Amazon (because it is located in his childhood town ? oh, memories 🙂 ) No damages amount is requested at this point, but I’m sure we will enjoy the figure when it becomes public.

If the lawsuit has indeed merits (and if it won’t get settled out of the court) it might impact negatively the way we experience the Internet since a big part of current functionality is covered by the above mentioned patents.

Lenovo to launch their own game console called eBox…competition for XBOX 360 / PS3 / Wii?

In a move that will put them in direct competition with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo (although in China only at the beginning), Lenovo announces their entrance on the game console market with a new console called eBox (xBox knockout anybody?) we find in an article in The Wall Street Journal. Not only that, but it look like the new game console will feature a technology similar with XBOX 360 Kinect to provide a controller free experience.

The development will be performed by a Lenovo spin off company called Beijing eedoo Technology Ltd.

No other details are available though we would like to know how many horse power (or Gigahertz) the beast will have under its cover. Also interesting to know if what kind of developer support will Lenovo able to secure and what type of DRM protection will the box contain. Chinese made devices (and the Chinese market as a whole where piracy is rampant) aren’t famous for their security and this particular aspect would make the big gaming houses reticent to release their games for the new platform.

Blockbuster to fill for bankruptcy by mid-September

In a not totally unexpected news, LA Times announces that Blockbuster is getting ready to fill for bankruptcy by the mid of next month. With a debt that tops one billion dollars and hard to pay leases for more than 500 stores (from a total of 3,425) Blockbuster needs to restructure while being protected by the bankruptcy process if they want to e-surface later as a healthy company. Although if you accumulated debt in excess of a billion dollars, there must be something wrong with your business model and you need to start anew. At this point though, what they need the most is the support from the Hollywood studios to provide them with the DVD/Blu-ray disks that are the main part of their business. Time will tell if Blockbuster has any chance against their more hi-tech competitor Netflix. After all, how many media streamers did you see lately advertising streaming from Blockbuster ???