Archive | August 26, 2010

Canon announces a whooping 120-Megapixel Camera Sensor

Continuing to improve the image quality of the digital cameras and taking it to a level that way surpasses even the professional devices that are using wide film, Canon recently announced a proof of concept  CMOS 120-Megapixel Camera Sensor (or 13,280 by 9,184 pixels) sure to satisfy even the most demanding professional photographers. While the quality of a picture depends only partially of the sensor and at this level has more to deal with the lens quality, we can envision a zoom mode that is using cropping instead of optical zoom and of course, professional applications where, paired with high quality optics could be used in aerial surveillance or defect detection. The image capture speed at full resolution is said to be around 9.5 frames/second.

Google launches real time search engine

A new and interesting experiment from Google just surfaced: A real time search engine. The results page is refreshing in real time and all in all it is a very interesting way to see what people are discussing/posting on the Web about a certain subject aggregated from many different sources at once. The new search engine also shows the related post density at different times of day and integrates discussions from Twitter and blogs as well . Go here and have fun.

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Literati color eReader released under Sharper Image brand

A new addition to the eReaders crowd will make its way to the stores, this time under the Sharper Image brand. While unusual, it is not the first device of its kind to be distributed like this since I bough my Pandigital Novel 7 from Bed Bath and Beyond. The Literati eReader will sport a 7″ LCD display (800×480) wireless connection and a store powered by Kobo and 150 free ebooks included. The ads don’t make any reference to additional applications other than eBook reading and if they are correct, the device is rather overpriced. To be noted is the inclusion of a keyboard like the Kindle eReaders but not a touchscreen, so if an Internet Browser will ever arrive on Literati, it will probably be a bad experience.

Check after the break for the full press release.

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Netflix releases iPhone compatible application

Netflix finally released an iPhone and iPod touch compatible application to the delight of many Netflix users around the country (including me).  Until today, only iPad featured Netflix for no specific reason other than the big screen???  What is really interesting is that it streams via 3G, not something I would have expected given Apple / AT&T reluctance to overload the already slow AT&T network…But maybe with the new data plans they figure out you’ll be the reluctant one in using the application.

Anyway, the application is free, as expected so go ahead and download it. Screenshots after the break for the ones still not convinced. Read More…