Archive | August 25, 2010 gets updated, bloggers can now auto-submit their RSS feeds

You might have noticed already that has a new face. With the new interface comes also some new functionality that should facilitate bloggers to submit their content faster and easier than before. First, if you are already logged-in with your Digg/Facebook/Twitter account, you are not asked for the annoying CAPTCHA code anymore. Second, the categories are somewhat simplified and third, and most important, the bloggers can now submit their RSS feed to and have Digg post their articles as they get written.
If you want to submit the RSS feed just log-in into your Digg account, go to Settings and from the left menu chose Import Feeds. You will then have to create a new post and embed a special sequence provided by Digg to validate that you are the feed owner. You might need to wait a couple of hours until the feed is processed and then push Verify Now so Digg can verify your feed. From the moment your feed is verified, Digg will publish the new articles for you. Neat, isn’t it?

Google Voice finds its way in Gmail allowing phone calls from your e-mails

Today the feature that allows to make voice calls to any phone number via your Gmail account is officially out of beta and it is an important step forward toward integrating all communication methods under one roof. In other words you won’t be able to hide from your boss anymore

The technology  relies on Google Voice allow to dial a number straight from your Gmail account and to also receive calls via your Google Voice number, although the Google Voice account is not mandatory if you don’t intend to actually receive calls. From a pricing perspective, the calls to US & Canada are free as expected with reasonably low rates to other countries (as low as 2 cents / minute to UK for ex), as long as you don’t call a cell phone. [via Google Voice Blog]. Check out the current call rates table.

Netgear unleashes NeoTV 550 and NeoTV 350 in the crowded media streamers market

In a move that places them in direct competition with Western Digital’s WD TV Live Plus and Viewsonic VMP75 (both reviewed by ReviewHorizon), Netgear unveils their latest media players/media streamers NeoTV 550 (NTV 550) and NeoTV 350 (NTV350). Both models have similar functionality, the only difference is the lack of an eSATA port and a cheaper remote for the 350 model. Both models are able to play Blu-ray discs from an external USB or eSata player and have an above average media sorting capability. Unfortunately neither model implements Netflix clients which makes you wonder what the Netgear designers were thinking. We know what happened with the Popbox media streamer launch…Check after the break for the technical specs, supported codec list and photo gallery.

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Kindle 3 beats all selling records, ships earlier for some lucky ones

Conform with Amazon’s press release, Kindle 3 shattered all selling records today being both the fastest selling model in their Kindle line and best selling Amazon item for the last two years. I wonder if this way of buying new toys in the first several days of launch marks a shift in American (and not only) culture! Everybody is connected on the Internet, reading the news the moment they are on the pipeline and has to buy immediately the latest and greatest? Are we all transforming into children that just can’t wait anymore? Are we all infected by the instant gratification bug?  I am pretty sure the high demand for the last Kindle 3 is not an accident…iPhone 4 was also the fastest selling model in the iPhone line as well, and I am sure everybody can come up with different examples.

Kindle 3 is scheduled to be shipped on Friday, although some reports on the web confirmed that buyers will get it earlier. I ordered mine as well and I will post a review as soon as I receive it (just checked my Amazon account and the order is being prepared for shipment and cannot be canceled or changed).

Check after the break for the full press release.

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