Archive | August 20, 2010

Google Chrome 6 Beta is out, offers multi-touch and other tablet functionality

Google just released their latest incarnation of Chrome, version 6 Beta and the release contains some interesting surprises. Their menus seems to be created with a touch device in mind, something that I waited for a long time. Actually the reason I didn’t use Chrome on my tablet PC was the lack of touch functionality. However now, the touch menus combined with the slim toolbar and the minimal number of buttons make Chrome 6 ideally suited for tablet PC devices.

Among the new features available in Chrome 6 Beta we should mention “location sharing” (so everybody can find out where you are), bookmarks sync (between various machines), notifications, etc.

If the rumors about an upcoming Google OS tablet are true, Google might be ideally positioned to take on Apple’s iPad. Time will tell but extra competition will never hurt the consumer. Meantime, it seems that everybody is busy releasing crappy Android based readers. Read More…

How Lufthansa sucks – they lost my mother’s luggage – baggage and there is nothing we can do to get compensated

Today I will write a different kind of reviews…instead of writing a review about a gadget, I will write a review about an airline, specifically Lufthansa and even more specifically, the way they are processing missing baggage claims. Let’s start at the beginning:

My mother traveled between Romania and US on Wed, Jun 30, 2010. The itinerary was Lufthansa, Flight 3505
Operated by LUFTH CITYLINE between Timisoara, Romania and Munich and Lufthansa, Flight 452 from Munich to Los Angeles. When she arrived at Los Angeles Airport (LAX) she had the unpleasant surprise to find that her baggage has been lost. She promptly filled a missing baggage report and was promised that we will be contacted in the next two days. A week passed and since nobody contacted us so I called Lufthansa to inquire about the status. I was then informed that they did not find the missing baggage and that I need to fax a claim form listing the content of the baggage and the approximate value of each item. I filled the form and sent it. At this point, it looks like the claim is processed by a different department inside Lufthansa and the initial missing baggage claim service is not involved anymore. However, I was informed that I will receive a letter in the next two weeks to inform me about the next steps to be taken. I did receive the letter containing the reference number 21066292/Ir (I will include a scan) that informed me that they still did not find the baggage and, in order for the claim to be processed I need to submit the original receipts for every item in the baggage, or the credit card transactions printout.However they did not specified an address. Read More…