Archive | August 11, 2010

iPhone iOS 4.0.2 is released, jailbreakme exploit is gone with the wind

Ladies and gentlemen, the iOS 4.0.2 is out and doesn’t do anything useful at all. The main reason for Apple to release this update is to specifically plug the PDF exploit used by Comex and their which allows for easy jailbreaking. In conclusion, if you ever plan to jailbreak your beloved toy, don’t even think to upgrade. You have been warned ;)!!!

Buffalo Nfiniti Wireless-N WZR-HP-G300NH router Review

I bought the Buffalo Nfiniti Wireless-N WZR-HP-G300NH router because my good old Belkin started to die after about 2 years of heavy usage and I also got a pretty good deal from Amazon. I looked around for a while for a decent N router under $100 that also had Gigabit ports and some kind of NAS functionality and WZR-HP-G300NH seemed to fit the bill. If you look on the WEB, you will also find out that it provides DD-WRT compatibility which is certainly a bonus, and it is claimed that it provides a higher transmitting power than other routers on the market. Let’s put these claims to test and see how it performs.

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