Tweet Defense free for iPhone and iPad today

Today, Sunday July 11th 2010, thanks to FreeAppADay, the game Tweet Defense is free for iPhone and iPad platforms. The regular prices are $2.99 and $7.99 respectively for the HD version (iPad) so it is a good deal. Jump on it while you can. An interesting feature for this game is the usage of your Twitter account and activity to boost the tower’s destructive ability. By tweeting more and more and contributing to the world’s amount of junk data with your useless activities, you have a better chance to defeat the enemies on the board. Since I never tweet (unless it is to announce my articles) my chances to be a good defender are probably zero. (Don’t give up, the game has an option to turn the tweeting feature off).

The graphics are nice, but for some reason I am still addicted to TowerMadness ;). And there are still some levels on hard that I cannot beat. But at least I have something to fill my long commuting hours.

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