Engadget, one of the leading tech blogs classified temporarily as malware by Google

If you did some some late night (or early morning) tech browsing on Saturday, July 31th 2010, you might have had the surprise to find your favorite tech blog identified as malware by Google as containing elements from the site bin.clearspring.com (which is also classified as malware). The blog I am talking about is the popular Engadget. While the hiccup lasted only around an hour or so, it is certainly embarrassing, although I am curious on which side the fault is…I would not surprised to find out it is on Google’s site since they once identified their own search results as malware :D.

Well, time to go to bed now, we’ll probably find out more in the morning. Read after the break for the full screenshot.

Update: Works fine now!

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  • Stewart

    Nope still identified as malware.