Bing sucks and Yahoo Japan agrees

Internet users are not the only ones to agree that Bing search just sucks! Although Yahoo! signed an agreement with Microsoft to have their search engine powered by Bing, Yahoo Japan which apparently has a certain degree of  control over its destiny has chosen a different venue: Google. You read right, Yahoo! Japan will use Google’s mighty search engine to power its results, and also to serve its ads, and that is probably worse (for Microsoft). At this point, we cannot stop wondering if this trend might continue in other countries as well, and how will Microsoft’s strategy will change. On the other side, we cannot help but agree with Yahoo! Japan’s decision: If you reached this site you probably did it using Google since after several month it is still not indexed by Bing (along with many other newer websites) while being indexed by Google from day one!

Just In:

Microsoft issued a statement through its general counsel, Brad Smith:

This agreement is even more anticompetitive than Google’s deal with Yahoo in the United States and Canada that the Department of Justice found to be illegal. The 2008 deal would have locked up 90 percent of paid search advertising. This deal gives Google virtually 100 percent of all searches in Japan, both paid and unpaid. It means there will be no search competition in Japan and that Google will end up controlling all personal search information for all Japanese consumers and businesses.

So I guess we will have to wait and see if the deal will be blocked by Japan’s government as anticompetitive or not.

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