Popbox sets ship date, no Netflix at launch

Popbox issued a statement regarding the ship date: it is now July 23rd, so no luck for the hopeful ones that expected their box to be shipped in time for July 4th. Another dissapointing news is that Netflix will not make it at launch, if ever.

Compared with the initial announcement at CES 2010, the current list is a letdown. Beside the notable lack of Netflix support, several other clients like Facebook didn’t make the cut either. If history taught us something is that customers don’t react in a positive way when a company creates a lot of hype and then fails to deliver. I only hope Syabas will survive this blow, especially when competitor boxes supporting Netflix are popping out all over the place.

Popbox parent company, Syabas made available the following list of supported Web Apps at launch:

Funspot Games Picassa
Blip.tv Livestation
Next New Networks Channels.com
YouTube Photobucket
Twitter Weatherbug
Shoutcast MediaFly
Revision 3 Clicker
Video Detective MotorzTV

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  • Scott

    Received my PopBox yesterday (19-July-2010) and installed it. Although it installed well, updated its firmware and reboot w/o error, the applications are disappointingly poor. When the most interesting App is the WeatherBug -don’t get it! There’s not Apps for HULU, Netflix, Amazon… I’m so much more happy with Roku and looking fwd to the Boxee hardware launch in Nov 2010….

    Don’t bother w/ the PopBox for now… perhaps if/when real App appear we can reconsider a recommendation but not now!