iPhone 4 pre-ordering day – a complete failure part II : order cancellation

Well, to ensure that calling the iPhone pre-ordering day a disaster and a complete failure was not a mistake, AT&T literally took the proper steps to make it even more so. While it looks like AT&T and Apple managed to score an earth shattering 600,000 pre-orders, there were many more would be customers that left the store in frustration and anger after waiting for several hours in line without able to place an order. Then, there was the second category of unhappy customers that managed somehow to sneak a pre-order online and received an e-mail stating that they are out of luck because either AT&T wasn’t able to verify their information, or they exceeded the number of lines allowed. And, like that wasn’t enough, the date for fulfilling the pre-orders was pushed back to July 14th. I wanted to buy an iPhone for my wife’s birthday and now I cannot. Thank you AT&T :(. Thank you Apple. Next time, please choose more than one company!

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