After Popbox is delayed, Boxee Box says me too

Supposedly Popbox was to be released in March, then in June ( I know, I pre-ordered it); then Netflix completely disappeared from the list of Popbox supported services and the company is eerily quiet about the Netflix certification progress (which made me cancel my pre-order and get the new Western Digital TV Live Plus HD which has Netflix and mostly all other codecs supported). Anyway, apparently happy to establish a trend, Boxee declared their CES 2010 plans overly ambitious and pushed the release date further back in November. Part of the  hardware platform is the new Nvidia Tegra 2 chip which should support 1080p GPU hardware acceleration and Flash 10.1 (which should support the above mentioned acceleration). An important feature of the Boxee Box is the QWERTY remote control designed to make media navigation easier, similar with the one Dish Network cancelled recently.

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