Archive | June 30, 2010

Amazon announces the new Graphite Kindle DX with 50% better contrast and lower price

Amazon just announced their new entry into the world of eBook readers, the Graphite Kindle DX. Available for shipping on July 7th, the new unit features the same 9.7″ E-Ink screen size, but the new E-Ink generation also improves the contrast by 50% (or so they say) while reducing the price to $379. Available for pre-order today.

Compared with the small Kindle, the DX version has a 3500 books capacity versus 1500 for the small version, and similar free global 3G capabilities.

Amazon currently  has monopoly position in the large screen eBook readers, used mostly for technical books in PDF format. I hope BN will soon release a large format Nook…after all, competition is never bad for the consumers.

Popbox sets ship date, no Netflix at launch

Popbox issued a statement regarding the ship date: it is now July 23rd, so no luck for the hopeful ones that expected their box to be shipped in time for July 4th. Another dissapointing news is that Netflix will not make it at launch, if ever.

Compared with the initial announcement at CES 2010, the current list is a letdown. Beside the notable lack of Netflix support, several other clients like Facebook didn’t make the cut either. If history taught us something is that customers don’t react in a positive way when a company creates a lot of hype and then fails to deliver. I only hope Syabas will survive this blow, especially when competitor boxes supporting Netflix are popping out all over the place.

Popbox parent company, Syabas made available the following list of supported Web Apps at launch: Read More…