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Archive | June 22, 2010

How to jailbreak iPhone 3G with iOS 4.0 ( Windows / Mac ) – redsn0w

Well, it didn’t take that long this time, at least that much is sure. Only a day after Apple officially released  iOS 4.0 for iPhone, the crafty guys from Dev-Team released redsn0w version 0.9.5b5-5 (available here for Mac and here for Windows) which will set free your beloved iphone. I made the mistake of upgrading to iOS 4.0 yesterday and I realized I can’t stand my iPhone 3G anymore. No multi-tasking, no SBSettings, no 5-Icon Dock 🙁 NO NPR while surfing :(. Enough complaining, I already fixed all that, and I also created a small tutorial published here for your jail-breaking pleasure. Read More…