Archive | June 17, 2010

WordPress 3.0 officially out of beta

Today, fiddling with some settings in the WordPress dashboard, I noticed that WordPress prompted me to update to version 3.0 called Thelonius. I have to admit, I completely forgot that today, June 17th is the launch day for the new version. Anyway, after the mandatory (due to best practices, nobody requires it) database update, I pushed update, even if this is a live website. The update process literally took  seconds and everything was good to go. I performed a quick check to see if my WordPress plug-ins still perform as expected and everything seems OK. There are no visible differences on the outside, but WordPress 3.0 comes with a plethora of updates, bug fixes and improvements. For the complete list of changes, check the WordPress website.

Top new features:

  • WordPress and WordPress MU have merged – you can now manage multiple websites from one install
  • New default theme “Twenty Ten” – however I still prefer Atahualpa
  • New custom menu management feature, allows creation of custom menus combining posts, pages, categories, tags, and links for use in theme menus or widgets.

As a side note, I noticed when I wanted to set the thumbnail for this post that the text “Use as thumbnail” changed to “Use as featured image”