Archive | June 15, 2010

iPhone 4 pre-ordering day – a complete failure

Today is the first day when you can pre-order the new iPhone 4. As expected for the new iteration of Apple’s beloved toy, the interest is huge and the people went in droves to AT&T stores and online to pre-order the new iPhone. Also as expected, our worst fears were realized: the AT&T archaic ordering system crashed leading to huge lines, waiting time of 2+ hours, breaches in security, accounts charged several times or for the wrong amount, or just a complete inability to order. Apparently, after several unsuccessful attempts to put the order through, the AT&T stores employees use the good old approach of writing manually the customer info and their credit cards data…

My plan expires this months and I tried myself to joing the pre-ordering craze, with no results. The iPhone pre-ordering AT&T page is down with a message stating the system is being updated and the whole AT&T website feels very slow. I couldn’t even log in to my account.

Update: I was able to finally log-in to my account after an hour, but the new iPhones are nowhere to be found. It might be because I am an AT&T Premiere customer, but why?

Update2: At this point, I would advise everybody to postpone getting the upgrade until AT&T fixes their critical security issues. Reports are popping up all over the web describing cases of wrong user data exposed on AT&T website.

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