Archive | June 14, 2010

Starbucks to offer free WiFi starting July 1st

Well, the title is somewhat misleading, and I am guilty as charged.  Starbucks offered free Internet access before, but it took longer to connect than to finish your coffee. The new way to connect will require only “one-click” and it will be provided by AT&T. Also announced was something called a “new online customer experience” called Starbucks Digital Network, in partnership with Yahoo! to be launched later this fall which will offer free content to paid websites as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc. Check after the break for Starbucks’ full press release. Read More…

Slim XBOX 360 announced, to include 250GB hard drive and built in WiFi

Wow, this is a nice surprise. Microsoft just announced at E3 Expo 2010, their piece of resistance, beside Kinect: An all new, slimmer and with more capacity XBOX 360. The new console is smaller and slimmer than the predecessor, a piano-finish black look, has a 250GB hard-drive, integrated wireless-N, and retails for $299.

ESPN comes to XBOX 360

Microsoft just announced during today’s E3 2010 session that it has signed a deal with ESPN to bring ESPN 3 live and on-demand to XBOX 360 Live service in all its HD glory. Among the content available for streaming you will find Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, NBA, college footbal and basketball, etc. A total of 3500 events will be available. The ESPN streaming will be compatible with the new Kinect (marketing name for Project Natal) (assume voice control for surfing, chat during live events, etc). The EPSN 3 programming will be free to the Live Gold members. Do you still think Live Gold membership is expensive?

Natal is now Kinect…and uses the Force!

The Microsoft’s Project Natal has a new marketing name and is Kinect. During last night’s E3 startup, Microsoft unveiled their new name and demoed several games that will launch at the same time as the controller free controller (sic) around holidays (November). Kinect is expected to sell standalone, compatible with the existing XBOX 360 systems or in a bundle, maybe with XBOX 360 Arcade and including several games developed specifically for the new system. Games currently in development and expected to release by the end of the year are Star Wars that it looks like will allow you to dodge laser beams and use the force and light sabers, Kinect Sports featuring, you guessed, interactive sports such as boxing, bowling, soccer, table tennis and beach volleyball, Dance Central, Kinect Adventures (featuring water rafting simulation), Joyride (racing) and animals training and petting – Kinectimals.

Sporting also a camera, Kinect will be capable of video-conference as well, although is unclear if this feature will be available at launch or not and if it will be proprietary or will support popular clients such as Skype. It will be interesting to see how Kinect will fare against the immensely popular Wii, especially since it will require an add-on which by some reports could go as high as $150. But think of the possibilities! You’ll be forced to get up from the coach and move your body :). Check after the break for some new pictures. Read More…