iPhone OS 4.0 to have multitasking, 3G and older are out of luck

Wow, this is certainly interesting news. Apple just announced that iPhone OS 4.0 will include multitasking, as they finally figured it out how to do it without killing the battery. Double clicking the Home button will show a list of running applications on the bottom of the screen. You can just flick through the running apps. “It’s very efficient to use and we think people will love it,” Jobs said.

Now, of course I had multitasking for a long time after jail-breaking my iPhone, but it is nice to know that everybody finally has a change for a piece of the multitasking pie.

According to Apple, there is a total of seven services supporting multitasking including the background audio. So we can finally listen to background radio, a feature that should have been here since day one. I wonder what will Microsoft’s reaction will be since they announced that Windows Phone 7 won’t include multitasking at launch?

Edit: It looks like the multitasking will only be available on 3GS and touch 3rd gen, 3G owners are out of luck.

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