HP’s answer to the iPad? The HP Slate, new video, specs

A new video appeared, describing the HP response (even if technically was shown before) to Apple’s iPad. Sporting a Windows 7 OS, multi-touch gestures and dual camera for both pictures and video conference, this device seems to be everything iPad is not, including USB and SD memory slots, and also Flash!

If HP (together with Microsoft) can implement the UI right and hide the Windows 7 innards under a layer of user friendliness, the only thing left to do is to somehow create a store to gather all the applications written specifically for the new interface under one roof. Anything less than that and the device will be limited to the techies (like myself) that are willing to hunt for compatible apps in various places scattered all over the internet (and even I am getting lazier and lazier – iPhone made me like that…).

Update: Engadget just published some new price/specs, apparently taken from a HP internal memo:

Price – $549 in basic configuration
Display: 8.9-inch 1024 x 600 capacitive multi-touch display
Processor: 1.6GHz Atom Z530 processor
Graphic: UMA graphics with  1080p video playback
Memory: 32GB of flash storage and 1GB of non-upgradeable RAM.
Battery: five-hour battery
Peripherals: an SDHC slot, two cameras, a USB port, a SIM card slot for the optional 3D modem, and a dock connector for power, audio, and HDMI out, Pen/Digitizer support.

Check after the break for the video in all its HD glory.

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  • magda

    Any more news on IPad vs HP Slate? Would you buy any of them?

  • Magda,

    HP bough Palm not too long ago and canceled HP Slate in its current version. It will probably be re-launched later based on Palm’s webOS (which might be a good thing or not, time will tell)